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The transition of publishing of Kol Central PA (KCPA) from Ed Beck  22- year leadership to the Jewish Federation of Greater Harrisburg is an evolution from one man’s dedication to a labor of love to a community-supported asset with expenses to cover. In planning this handover, the letter of understanding included two maxims


      • Community notices would continue be to published free-of-charge.
      • There would never be a charge to subscribe to KolCentral PA.


During this transition period, the weekly publication has not missed a week in providing news, commentaries and local events for our region.  Subscriptions have expanded to over 4,000 throughout Central PA

The Jewish Community Foundation of Central PA, as part of the transfer, agreed to establish and oversee a fund to support the costs of this vital component of our community. Our 2021 fundraising campaign attracted  significant sponsorship gifts to assure continued publication of Kol Central PA through its first year and beyond.

Our intent is to raise gifts from generous supporters like you, so the total gifts received will cover the expenses of the first five years of publication.  While simultaneously continuing to grow the principal so that by the end of the five year period we can fully fund Kol Central PA from a percent of the Fund.

To achieve this goal to keep our community digitally connected, we ask you to join our growing list of sponsors supporting Kol Central PA. The Fund is to be supported by tax-deductible member sponsorships intended to fund expenses of KCPA in perpetuity.

To Join the THE LIST OF SPONSPORSHIPS please choose one of the  following sponsorship opportunities to support KCPA:




Minimum Contributions and Available Recognitions


Acknowledgement Schedule

Lifetime – 7200 |  Once a Month
Leadership – 3600 | Once a Month
                                                                                                                                                   Founding – 1800 | Once a Month                                                                                                                                                     Annual Sponsor – 720 | Four Times a Year
Issue Sponsor – 250 | As Needed
Sustaining – 180 | Once a Year
Sponsoring Subscriber-36 | Once a Year
Friend | Once a Year

Sponsorships are tax-deductible donations that voice your support for our publication and community.

We recognize our donors throughout the year based on their contribution level.


Payment  can be made online  or contact

Jewish Community Foundation of Central PA, 3211 North Front St, Harrisburg, PA 17110

Credit cards payments can be summited online using the form below 

To set up recurring payments, please contact Marianne at


After completing your sponsorship, do not forget to register here to receive your own subscription of KOL Central PA  if you haven’t already