Susquehanna (Valley Region) Tzedakah Society



SusquehannaSusquehanna (Valley Region) Tzedakah Society members are sustaining the Jewish community today and providing for its future.

Members have created funds and endowments with the Jewish Community Foundation of Central PA each fund with a cumulative gift total of $100,000.

We honor and recognize new and existing members during a special event.

For those who are able to we ask you to join the growing list of members in our mission to sustain and secure the Jewish community for today and for the future!


Tzedakah Society Members


Dorothy and Frank Abel
Dorothea and Raphael Aronson
Ann (z’l) and Charles Berman
Arthur (z’l) and Annette (z’l) K. Berman
Phyllis and Leonard N. Berman
Mimi and Mort (z’l) Bernstein
Ted & Lorri Bernstein
Beth El Temple
Beth El Cemetery
Beth Yehuda Cemetery
Adele and Sam Borger
Kathy Boyle
Aaron and Janis Brenner
Josephine S. Brenner
Michael A. Brenner
Hanna Sachs Cantor (z’l)
Marcia and Sandy Cohen
Chisuk Emuna Cemetery
Chisuk Emuna Congregation
Edward Finkelstein
Dr. Donald & Mrs. Shirley (z’l) Freedman
Harris (z’l) and Zelma Freedman
Lanie and Larry Freedman
Joan & Selwyn Friedlander
Gail and Robert Gaynes
Gesher L’Machar – Bridge to Tomorrow Fund
Beatrice and Dick Goldsmith
Davy and Faith Goldsmith

Joseph Goldsmith (z’l)
Lois and Herman Gordon
Yale Gordon (z’l)
Peggy Grove
Nancy and Tim Grumbacher
Guild of the Jewish Home
Gurkoff Family
Halbert Family
Julie Beth Wright Halbert
Ileane and Harold Hurwitz
Rona and Lee (z’l) Javitch
Jewish Community Center
Jewish Family Service
Jewish Federation of Greater Hbg.
Jewish Home of Greater Hbg.
Jewish Home – UJC Supporting Fdn.
Just Cause Charitable Fund
Kehillat Israel Cemetery
Kesher Israel Congregation
Iosif and Zhanna Korsunsky Family
Albert (z’l) and Lee (z’l) Kovner
Edie Kushner
Arthur and Terry Kusic
Steven and Jill Kusic
Lorena Lemons (z’l)
Samuel Levine and Irene Berman-Levine


Phyllis and Norman Lipsett
Diane (z’l) and Jay Maisel
Matilda “Tillie” Meyer (z’l)
Marti and Jerry Morrison
Ohev Sholom Congregation of York
Janet (z’l)  & Jack Pitnick (z’l)
Priscilla Rose (z’l)
Oliver Rosenberg (z’l)
Martin “Mayor” Sacks (z’l)
Alan and Caren Schein
Morrie (z’l) and Linda Schwab
Marjorie and Alfred (z’l) Sherman
David Sorin (z’l)
South Hill Hebrew Cemetery Assoc. of York
Alyce and Mort Spector
Dr. Stephen & Barbara Suden
Stephen and Susan Symons
Temple Beth Israel
Temple Ohev Sholom
Tifereth Israel Cemetery
William Titelman
Wassner Family
Morris (z’l) and Betty (z’l) Weiner
Elliott & Sue Weinstein
York Jewish Community Center


Chai Bequest Society


ChaiSocietyLogo Chai Bequest Society members have created endowment fund agreements that provide financial resources to secure the future of Jewish life.

Members create their legacy through the Foundation for the benefit of the Jewish community agencies and synagogues meaningful to them.

Join the Chai Society and you will help to sustain Jewish life today and ensure that those who follow us will enjoy a vibrant Jewish community in the future!




Chai Bequest Society Members


Richard Apple*
Phyllis & Leonard N. Berman*
Lester Benson*
Mort & Mimi Bernstein *
Bernice Bramson*
Herbert J. & Sylvia Brenner*
Josephine S. Brenner*
Michael A. Brenner *
Albert & Marcia Bryant *
Hanna Sachs Cantor*
Zelda Cloder *
David “Dody” Cohen *
Ted Cohen*
Sidney & Shirley Disend *
Ed & Marcia Finkelstein*
Dorothy & Al Firestone*
C.J. Foer*
Lanie & Larry Freedman*
Beatrice & Dick Goldsmith*
Joseph Goldsmith*
Lois & Herman Gordon *
Gerry Gorelick & Susan Leviton*
Lois Lehrman Grass*

Peggy Grove*
Julie Wright Halbert
Ron & Joan Isaacman*
Lee & Rona Javitch  *
Norman & Phyllis Lipsett*
Jay & Diane Maisel*
Matilda “Tillie” Meyer *
Bobbie & Newton Millner *
Jerry & Marti Morrison*
Jack & Jan Pitnick*
Jack & Flora Reiss*
Priscilla Rose and Minna Rose*
Evelyn Samuelsohn*
Israel Schwab*
Linda & Morris Schwab *
Alfred & Marjorie Sherman*
Diana Slotznick *
David & Trudy Sorin*
Barbara & Stephen Suden*