Have you ever asked yourself, “How can my one gift fight domestic violence, improve women’s health and nutritional needs, provide shelter to vulnerable girls and protect at-risk seniors with nowhere else to turn?

How can I, just one woman, change the lives of other women and girls in need?”

You can by joining women just like you, through the power of collective gifting.

Add your gift to those of other members of the Women of Vision (WOV) giving circle.

The WOV Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation of Central PA, was created by women.

For over 20 years the WOV giving circle has been growing and changing lives.

No matter the hardship, thanks to an ever-growing group of WOV members and supporters, we have financial resources to help now – and will continue to be there in the future for those who need us most.

Become a Women of Vision member – join us as we empower women to be strategic philanthropists and decision makers.

Join us as we change the lives of vulnerable women and their children who need us the most!

Would you like to be a part of a group of women who care and want to improve and enrich the lives of women & their families in Harrisburg?

Through WOV you will champion the issues that matter most to you.

The WOV Fund is dedicated to providing grants to help Harrisburg area women and their families through challenging times in their lives.

The mission of WOV is to bring about change by making grants that respond to the social welfare and other needs of women and their children.

Please join us today!

You will offer an outstretched hand of hope and comfort to women and their families and change lives in meaningful ways – forever.

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Incredible things happen when women support women. Sharing resources to help Jewish women, empower them and cheer them on; these are essential for our Jewish community.  Enhancing our vibrant community, supporting women in times of hardship; these are reasons why WOV is so important.  Please join us!


Current Members:


Deborah A. Abel*
Marilynn Abrams*
Shelley Adler
Dorothea Aronson
Roberta Barget
Sara Barron
Karen Baseman
Barbara Bazelon
Esther Beck
Phyllis Berman (z’l) *
S. Teri Berman
Lorri Bernstein*
Vivian Blanc
Beatrice Blecker (z’l)
Rose Blecker
Mye Bloom
Robyn Katzman Bowman*
Janis Brenner
Laura Bromberg (z’l)
Mollie Bronstein
Sarah Brown**
Marcia Bryant
Ethel Carryer
Lee Casher*
Mandy Cheskis
Inez Chotiner
Robyn Chotiner
Judith Cohen
Helene Cohen
Marcia Cohen*
Susan Cohen
Chastity Cottingham-Frye**
Amy Cytryn
Barbara Danowitz
Marsha Davis
Traci DeBroff*Annie Doctrow
Rebecca Doctrow
Ricci Doctrow*
Sue Morrison Dym*
Naava Ellis (z’l)*
Barbara Epstein**
Kristen Etter
Sharon Etter*
Doreen Evrard
Ann Feierman (z’l)
Francine Feinerman*
Reva Feldman
Eileen Forman
Debra Freeburn
Emily Freeburn
Estelle Fried (z’l)
Joan Friedlander
Faye Glick*
Abby Goddard**

Diane Goldberg*
Linda Golberg
Frances Goldberg (z’l)
Faith Goldsmith*
Lois Gordon*
Gloria Grabenstein
Lois Lehrman Grass (z’l)*
Joyce Green
Beth Greenberg
Sandra Greenberg
Vikki Grodner
Margaret Grotzinger
Alicia Weber Gutkin*
Julie Wright Halbert
Sheila Heller
Geri Henshell
Judith Hirsh
Joan Hirsh (z’l)
Patti Hivner**
Carol Hoffman
Ellen Brody Hughes (z’l)
Betty Hungerford
Florence Isaacman (z’l)
Joan Isaacman* (z’l)
Esther Itzkovitz*
Reyna Jose**
Gloria Kaplan**
Dara Kluger**
Eileen Kozloff-Abrams
Ruth Ann Krug
Rachel Kuhr
Cantor Sharon Kunitz (z’l)
Edith Kushner
Jill Kusic**
Sueann Lehner
Lorena Lemons (z’l)
Ruth Leventhal*
Irene Berman Levine
Tori Levine
Sally Levy
Andrea Lieber
Janice Lieberman*
Varsha Lift
Patti Lightman*
Barbara Lock
Beverly Magdule
Neysa Maisel*
Eileen Marcus
Janna Match
Joyce Becker Match
Jane Mendlow
Sandra Michelson*
Bobbie Millner* (z’l)
Denyse Miskin**
Barbara Morrison

Marti Morrison*
Luisa Narins**
Ruth Neipris (z’l)
Donna Nurick
Hope Pracht
Eunyce Press
Ellen Rabin (z’l)
Sandra Rabin
Tammy Reid
Elaine Reis (z’l)
Andrea Reisman*
Carol Ressler
Rebecca Robinson
Susan Rosenberg
Sherry Rosenstrauch**
Jennifer Ross
Nina Rovner*
Myra Sacks*
Lois Samet
Diane Sand*
Amy Sauerteig
Caren Schein*
Dianne Schultz
Wendy Davis Shaffer*
Julie Sherman
Marjorie Sherman*
Gail Siegel*
Robert Silver
Diane Singer**
Renee Singer**
Temple Ohev Sholom Sisterhood
Abby Lynn Smith
Trudy Sorin (z’l)
Alyce Spector
Charlotte Spector*
Lee Spitalny
Deanna Spurlock
Linda Stewart
Julie Stulman**
Barbara Suden*
Cynthia Sussman*
Susan Symons*
Ann Vergales*
Arlynn Weber*
Claire Weber (z’l)
Miriam Weinstock
Beth Weintraub*
Brenda Weintrob
Jill Weisberg*
DeDe Woolf*
Toby Yoffe**
Fern Zlotoff

* Charter members
**Part of a group membership