How to Get Started

Will B’nai Tzedek help me get my fund started?

Of course we will! Besides adding $250 to your established fund, we have suggestions of ways you can ask others to help you get started with your lifelong commitment to philanthropy.

How do I decide where to give my annual donation?

This is an opportunity for you to learn about the amazing Jewish agencies and organizations working to meet needs in our Jewish community.  During the course of the year you will discover new information about the local Jewish charities and those national and international Jewish organizations that have a local presence that could use your support.  Some even have volunteer opportunities.  Through B’nai Tzedek you have the opportunity to find the ones that are the best match for you as a philanthropist..

Can I add to the Fund?

Yes, add your birthday, holiday, graduation and other gifts or even income you earn from babysitting, mowing the lawn or any other jobs!  Each dollar you add will help to increase the amount in the Fund and you will have even more to give away to support causes you care about.

What happens to my B’nai Tzedek fund after I am an adult?

For up to 20 years you can use the B’nai Tzedek Fund in your name to make distributions to Jewish charities operating in our community.

Convert it to an adult endowment fund:

Then as long as you bring the Fund balance to a minimum for an adult endowment fund by twenty years from the anniversary date of the establishment of the B’nai Tzedek Fund you can keep using it as a philanthropic fund – for life.

The B’nai Tzedek Fund in your name is one of hundreds of charitable funds managed by the Jewish Community Foundation that serves the Central Pennsylvania Jewish community.

After 20 years when the B’nai Tzedek Fund in your name is converted into a permanent endowment fund at the minimum for adult funds you can continue to support local and other Jewish causes operating in our community that are doing great work.  You can even support other not profits – Jewish and non-Jewish – throughout the USA.

You will be able to distribute up to 5% of the balance of the Fund each year to provide needed support to causes you care about.  And you can keep adding to the Fund and watch it grow.

Choose an existing Jewish endowment Fund of the Foundation:

IIf you choose not to bring the Fund to a minimum that qualifies to be an adult endowment fund you get to choose which local Jewish cause (like the synagogue of which you were a member when you joined B’nai Tzedek) will receive the balance in the Fund.

Money that is remaining in the B’nai Tzedek Fund in your name will then be placed into the endowment fund of your choice at the Foundation.  It must be a Fund of the Foundation in order to receive the assets..

Choose the B’nai Tzedek Program Fund:

Or you can choose the General B’nai Tzedek Fund that supports B’nai Tzedek programming and you will be helping the next generations of teen philanthropists just like you!

Choose in Writing:

Your choice to either bring the Fund to a minimum for an adult endowment fund (or) transfer the assets to another local Jewish endowment fund (or) transfer the assets to the B’nai Tzedek programming fund must be made in writing on a form provided by the Foundation.  Your options must be discussed and your choice made with the assistance of the Foundation Executive Director or someone they appoint to assist you with the process.

Join us and the growing group of B’nai Tzedek program members that are Making a Difference today and for the future!

Everyone keeps telling you that you are an adult now. Well, B’nai Tzedek helps make it real. You get to establish a charitable fund in your name, make your charitable recommendations, learn and grow as a Jewish philanthropist…and really make a difference.

Please join us today by printing and completing the Application for Enrollment and return to:
B’nai Tzedek
Jewish Community Foundation of Central Pennsylvania
3211 North Front Street
Harrisburg, PA 17110