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Apply For Scholarships

The Jewish Community Foundation of Central Pennsylvania offers scholarships for graduate studies in Jewish Communal Service at some of the most prestigious universities in the United States in exchange for a two to three-year commitment to work in the Jewish Foundation system.





View calendar of event: It is time to apply for your college scholarship

1) Student shall apply to the school s/he hopes to attend
2) Secure evidence that student has been accepted by the school as a matriculated student into a program in line with the criteria outlined on the flyer describing the scholarship opportunity
3) Collect the documents listed on the flyer for the specific scholarship opportunity for which the student wishes to apply
4) Ensure that on each item submitted the student includes their name and contact information. Additional information to include is the school they plan to attend, the curriculum they plan to enroll in, the date materials are submitted, and a copy of a government issued photo ID
5) Write the essay
6) Submit all items to the Foundation
7) A Grant Committee will review the materials provided to make their selection/s and determine the award amount/s
8) Candidate/s will be notified of the award/s
9) Candidate/s to provide evidence that they have enrolled in the school/s and the curriculum
10) Student must be attending the school in order for the Grant funds to be sent to the school
11) Funds will be disbursed in equal proportions per semester for one year
12) With each distribution confirmation of attendance and continued enrollment in a curriculum in line with the grant criteria will be necessary
13) Students may apply for each consecutive year of attendance in a qualified program according to the grant criteria until graduation
14) Foundation will contact the school/s for the info about where to send the grant/s
15) Assets will be sent to the school/s directly
16) Students to be aware of the possibility that in consideration of the grant the school/s may adjust any scholarship money the school was planning to provide.
Please Note:

We need the evidence of acceptance including information that indicates the curriculum is in line with the grant for which the student is applying.
With all of the listed info the Grant Committee will determine which candidates best fit the criteria for acceptance and funding.
It is up to the student to provide documentation that proves they are matriculated and attending school prior to any disbursement of grants.
We cannot send the grant until a student is enrolled and attending. Distributions must be sent directly to the college/school and cannot be sent to the student.
Contact the Foundation with any questions at 717-409-8220 Option # 1 or email

pdf  Roman Korsunsky Memorial Scholarship Opportunity

pdf Ronald C. Roland Memorial Scholarship Opportunity