Why the Jewish Community Foundation?

There is unique added value to working with the Jewish Community Foundation of Central Pennsylvania:

• We are local. Assets stay in the community. While our investment returns are comparable to other financial institutions, we are a locally sustained nonprofit existing solely for the benefit of the Jewish Community of Central Pennsylvania and beyond.

• We make a permanent difference. Gifts to the Jewish Community Foundation can continue working long into the future. The Jewish Community Foundation was built to last. Donors can feel secure that our staff, volunteers, investments, and mission are organized to strengthen the Jewish community in perpetuity.

• We know philanthropy in the Jewish world. We offer donors help in identifying effective ways to aid the community you call home and needy Jews throughout the world. We can help you direct your giving to target specific problems (e.g. hunger, education, family services, synagogues, JCC, the Jewish Home and Residence and/or Jews in need in Israel, the Former Soviet Union or anywhere there is a need).

• We can insure anonymity.

• We make complicated gifts easy. We help donors make gifts in a cost and time effective way. It is not always efficient or feasible to establish a scholarship program or private foundation. We are able to accept a variety of assets, support multiple organizations through one fund, and help donors to leave a legacy.

The Jewish Community Foundation of Central Pennsylvania effectively supports all kinds of charitable work in our community. Learn more about the good work we do by contacting us.