To:  Parties interested in applying for a grant from the Jewish Community Foundation of Central PA for secondary school students to take a bus trip to the Holocaust Museum in DC



Trip must be to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in DC for selected secondary school students from the Harrisburg area.

The program must be known as The Jewish Community Foundation of Central PA Sidney and Diane Slotznick Holocaust Education Program.

The Program shall have the following features:

Affirmatively seek to include as participants persons of all religions, races and ethnicities (although not necessarily all at the same time and place if not feasible).

Instruct participants on the following:

The significance of the Holocaust in Jewish and world history, its relationship to the creation of the State of Israel, and its continuing meaning for Jews throughout the world.

The awareness of and response to the Holocaust while it was occurring, by both individuals and governments, by both Jews and Gentiles (not Jewish individuals), in both the US and Europe, for both better and worse.

The relationship between the Holocaust and other incidents of genocide in the Twentieth Century and beyond.


The victimization of non-Jews, as well as Jews, in the Holocaust.

The universality of the message of the Holocaust, and the continuing relevance of that message to the struggle for human rights by peoples throughout the world.

Bus Tours:

Each bus tour for secondary school students will be made available to students from one or more schools, as a prize or award for having demonstrated interest or achievement in world history, community relations, human rights, or Holocaust studies.

Volunteer or School or Jewish organizational Bus tour guides and chaperones shall be knowledgeable about the themes described herein and trained in and committed to Holocaust education.  During the bus ride to and from the museum they shall conduct dialog to prepare students for what they will experience and to debrief on the way back from the museum experience.


A certificate of citation shall be given to one or more students from each trip who write the most meaningful essays on their experiences on the tour and/or at the Museum.

It is possible that other gifts will be offered to winners.

The winning essays will be publicized in appropriate forums.

Should there be no interest in a bus tour to the Holocaust museum in DC an essay contest and award event may be held in its place.


Recipients will be selected by a committee comprised of the following.  One or more representatives of the Foundation, participating schools, or such other persons or institutions as Foundation may determine from time to time.


Cost/Tour Frequency:

Foundation will expend no more than that amount available from the fund in a particular year to cover reasonable costs to take a bus to and from the museum and for a meal and museum entrance fees.  We hope to, and are not required to, fund one bus tour per year.


  • A school that is interested in participating (applying for a grant from the Foundation to take the trip) shall submit a proposal including the following.
  • Date of the trip
  • Name of the school
  • Person or persons who will be responsible for organizing the trip
  • Names of all chaperones who will accompany the students on the trip
  • The number of students expected to participate
  • An essay about why the class should be selected (include in the essay current Holocaust education provided to students, the teachers experience with Holocaust education, planned Holocaust education efforts and any other information you feel will make a compelling case for funding)
  • Essays from the students in the class about why they want to participate on such a trip and why the lessons of the Holocaust are so important to them and to our society
  • Costs of renting the bus (insurance certificate evidencing adequate coverage for the trip and the students and faculty and volunteers will be required)
  • Cost of a meal either while at or in the vicinity of the museum or on the bus
  • The entrance fee to the museum for students and chaperones
  • Any other related anticipated costs for the trip
  • Names of individuals that who will participate in the planning of the trip
  • Names of those who are willing to serve on the committee to review the applications and tell us what qualifies them to assist with reviewing student and class applicants
  • Other information that may be requested by the Foundation and/or the Committee reviewing applications.


NOTE: A hold harmless letter/statement will be required to ensure that it is understood and agreed that the Jewish Community Foundation of Central PA is not assuming responsibility for any incidents and/or losses incurred by those on the trip.

Additional Details:

  • The financial costs and essays shall be reviewed and used to determine which applicant will be selected for the trip.
  • Award recipients shall agree to allow the Foundation to publicize the information about the winners along with photographs and to attend a post trip program to award any certificates and/or prizes to essay contest winners.
  • All materials shall acknowledge that the trip was funded with a grant from the Jewish Community Foundation of Central PA Sidney and Diane Slotznick Holocaust Education Fund.
  • Successful applicants will be notified in writing.
  • Committee members shall organize all aspects of the trip and understand that the Foundation is the source of Funds and not the trip or awards celebration organizers.
  • All applicants, committee members and winners understand that the Jewish Community Foundation of Central PA shall make the final determination about funding, contest winners, any potential gifts to essay contest winners and publicity about the trip and winners.
  • Successful applicants must comply with all requirements in order to be awarded the funds to take the trip.
  • Grant Funds will be paid out by the Foundation based upon actual receipts/bills received.
  • Applicants shall agree IN WRITING to all of the terms outlined herein.



Bus trips shall ideally be held in the Fall or Spring.  Foundation will calculate in February based upon the 12/31 balance of the previous year the maximum amount available for the trip for the current calendar year.

2017 application deadline is February 28th.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Thank you for your interest in applying for a grant from the Jewish Community Foundation of Central PA.

Paulette Keifer



PHONE:  1-717-409-8220 OPTION # 1