Why Create a Jewish Legacy

Create A Jewish Legacy (CJL) is an opportunity for you to do something lasting and significant for the Jewish causes you care about. Ordinary people are showing extraordinary generosity by leaving legacy gifts to Jewish causes in their wills and estate plans.

In story after story, individuals from all walks of life are demonstrating how much they truly care about Jewish organizations. People with varying income levels and passions are joining together to ensure the financial strength and vibrancy of our Jewish community.

CJL offers you an opportunity to do something meaningful to you and the causes you care about even if you are unable to give cash gifts now.

This program is designed so that everyone, not just the wealthy will be able to leave a legacy gift in their will to the Jewish causes they want to support.

How would you like to be remembered? Create your Jewish legacy and continue to support the Jewish organizations you care about now, even after you are no longer with us.

With gifts in our wills or estate plans, together we can impact the future of the Jewish community and make a difference in the lives of generations to come.

Passing of our values from generation to generation is one of the most fundamental tenets of Judaism. Our parents and grandparents built this Jewish community. That is their legacy. Securing its future financial strength will be our legacy.

Create Your Jewish Legacy with a bequest in your will and ensure that our rich Jewish heritage and traditions will continue for generations to come.