Jewish Cemeteries in Pennsylvania

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tn_cemetery_gatesOnce thriving Jewish communities throughout the coal region of eastern and central Pennsylvania are now populated by few, if any Jews.

The once proud synagogues have been sold or abandoned.

Cemeteries are either being maintained by the aged remaining members of the community, offspring living far way, or are falling into total disrepair.

Responding to the need to maintain the gravesites of ancestors, the Jewish Community Foundation of Central Pennsylvania has agreed to manage and maintain Jewish cemeteries, contingent upon the availability of perpetual care funds.

Accepting the mitzvah and responsibility of maintaining the gravesites, staff and volunteers assume the tasks associated with respectful maintenance and preservation of the sites.

Where interments are still being carried out, the Jewish Community Foundation of Central Pennsylvania assures that families have full access to the sites and necessary professional services.

For further information, please contact the Jewish Community Foundation of Central Pennsylvania.