Endowment Accumulation Fund


Every member of the community can establish an endowment without a large capital investment. The Endowment Accumulation Fund is made for all members of the community to establish a legacy with their synagogue, the Federation, JCC, Jewish Home, Jewish Family Service or any other charity they wish. Funds can be established to benefit two or more agencies at the direction of the donor.

Here is an example of how this is done:

You want to establish an endowment in your name at the congregation, but cannot give thousands, or even one thousand dollars.  Through the Jewish Community Foundation, you start the Sam and Sadie Foundation (of course, this will be your name) with $100.  The terms of the foundation state that you will have an “endowment accumulation fund”, into which you will make contributions as you see fit.  All growth of the fund will remain in the fund until it reaches $5000 through growth and future contributions.  At the point when it reaches $5000, it begins paying out annually to the congregation. You are encouraged to continue contributing to the endowment (you will receive quarterly statements with reminders to continue growing the endowment).

If the congregation has 400 members and 50% establish an endowment through this easy method and only half of them reach the $5000 level in the next ten years (all will do so eventually with the investment of the funds), that is 200 times $5000 or $1 MILLION additional endowment.

All members of the community deserve the right to share in the mitzvah of leaving a legacy.  From the couple who can only put a small amount to the mega-donor, everyone now has the opportunity to share in the mitzvah of “providing heat and light.” Everyone can leave a legacy.

Call the Jewish Community Foundation of Central Pennsylvania to get started…1-717-409-8220

Endowment Accumulation Fund

Have you always wished you could do something meaningful and permanent for a Jewish cause you care about?

Have you hesitated because you feel you can’t afford to give a large sum of money all at once?

An Endowment Accumulation Fund may be your answer!

You can establish a legacy for Jewish causes you care about in your name and support those causes forever.

Here’s How

Create a fund with a minimum gift of $1000.  Commit to adding $1000 per year for each of 5 years.  No distributions may be made from the Fund until it reaches a balance of $5,000.  At that point we will begin to make annual distributions in your name to the cause you selected – forever!

If just 20 members of a synagogue or 10 supporters of an agency set up this type of fund together you will be investing $100,000 in the future of that organization and sending approximately $5000 per year for ever!

Pooled Endowment Fund

You want to help with building the Endowment Fund for the synagogue or agency you care about but just don’t know how you can afford to donate $1000 per year.

A Pooled Endowment Fund may be just right for you!

Donate any amount you want to at any time that is convenient for you to the Endowment Fund of your favorite synagogue and/or agency and your gift will have an exponential impact.

You will be joining many other donors who contribute tribute gifts, memorial gifts, gifts in honor of a Simcha or other special event and the Endowment Funds will grow and grow!

See the Donate Now Section of this website and make your contribution today.  Or stop by or mail your contribution to the Foundation office.

Be sure to specify which Jewish cause/s you want to support so that we direct your gift to the correct synagogue and/or agency Endowment Fund.

Contact us with questions.

Thank you for choosing to support the Jewish community through your current gifts and your bequests through your will and estate plans!

Thanks to you we will all enjoy a vibrant Jewish community today and secure a vibrant Jewish community for the generations that will follow us in the future!